Veneer Lathing

The Thin Brick Revolution

Easy to handle, easy to install, and designed with both DIY and contractors in mind.

Experience the Thin Brick Revolution yourself with this Made in the USA product. No longer do you need to cut yourself on sharp metal lathing or spend hours getting the first few feet done. Now just about anyone can install thin brick or stone and love the results. Best of all, this veneer lathing is backed by a 50-year panel warranty!


Designed with DIY in mind, these panels make thin bricking an interior wall take a fraction of the time. Its patented system allows up to 3 Square Feet of brick per minute and once the grout fully cures, it takes over 150 pounds of pressure to remove them.

Brick Lath

Designed to replace sharp metal lathing, the Speedymason Brick Lathing is truly a revolutionary product. Their patented full bed mortar system allows the mason to feather out all imperfections. Mortar mechanically bonds to the lathing, leading to a strong, durable, and hurricane test complaint finish.

Stone Veneer Lath

Designed especially for thin veneer stone this system mimics standard metal lath, without being sharp. With a full bed mortar system, the stone can be laid to look exactly like full thickness, without all the weight. Backed by their 50-year panel warranty, this product is too good to pass up.

Experience the Thin Brick Revolution!