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Established 2004

We are a family owned and operated distributor of brick, stone and masonry materials located in the upcoming North Dallas Metropolitan Area.
Our mission is simple, treat every customer like they are family. What does that mean for you? First-Class Service and Exceptional Products. Our never-ending journey to build the best customer experience leads to innovations we pride ourselves on and pushes us to always improve. From our exhaustive photo database to our brand new website designed for you, we will always improve, all for you.

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Why Brick?


Made from naturally abundant materials with no off-gassing of toxic materials, clay brick products lead to a more sustainable planet. No deforestation, no toxic chemicals, what more could you ask?

Energy Efficient

With exceptional “thermal mass” properties, a brick home is universally known to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Consider it an investment, one that will grow year after year.


Brick’s standard warranty of 100 years is nothing to gloss over, it far exceeds the warranties of other building materials, if they even have one. When you choose brick, you choose longevity, making the investment worth it in the long run.

Superior Protection

The nursery story is as true today as it was back then, brick provides superior shelter where it matters. Brick homes have been known to save homeowners money on insurance, after all they have superior fire, wind, and moisture protection.

Less Maintenance

No rotting, no denting, no need to paint and no termites to worry about. Its undeniable advantage maintenance wise easily makes up for the slight cost increase. Ever notice how realtors advertise “all-brick” houses but not “all-vinyl” houses? 

How it's Made

When it is fired at temperatures of up to 2000° F, the brick goes through a chemical transforming, vitrification process. This causes an irreversible fusion between the materials that looks great and lasts for generations.