Masonry Fireplaces

The Next Generation

Gone are the days of weeks long construction, back breaking work, and huge labor costs.

Through our partnership with Oklahoma based Stone Age Manufacturing, we are proud to offer top-of-the-line masonry kits for fireplaces of all sizes! These kits can be assembled by a team of of masons in a week and with their specialized mortar, they are as strong and long-lasting as a traditional block build.

Why Stone Age?

When you use a New Age™ Masonry Fireplace Kit, a world of possibilities opens up. Their specialized design means more draw, allowing for a bigger fireplace that isn’t entirely useless. Additionally, with their intuitive design, framing is allowed* to contact the fireplace as well as the chimney which means more rigidity, less wasted space, and so many possibilities.

*Appropriate fireplace and flue models must be used, code restrictions may apply*

Outdoor Fireplaces

For outdoor, there are even more options, each and every one as easy as the last. Simply put the interlocking kit together with their specially formulated mortar, then finish it with the material of your choosing. All that’s left is to get some wood and get burning!

Combo Oven Kits

Outdoor living is supposed to be fun and tossing some dough sounds like a blast to us. Gear up your outdoor oasis with an old-school cool pizza oven, ready to turn your pepperoni pies into some neighbor jealousy any time of day. You could even burn a fire underneath to keep you warm in the winter, especially since we heard cold pizza is pretty good.

Other Products

Stone Age offers so many masonry kits, if we had a list of each type, your scrolling finger would get tired, trust us. Their offering of firepits, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, and more is so extensive that we feel it is best to summarize it for you using this quote from Stone Age…

“Stone Age has a better, faster, and easier way to build your fireplace and outdoor living space.”

Please feel free to stop by, call or email, we will happily get you the information you need!