The Old School Walkway

With more interesting patterning than concrete, this material is the perfect walkway or patio base for all your projects.

With a classic look and impeccable utility, brick pavers have been widely used for centuries due to their strength, style, and modularity. More durable than a concrete patio, this choice makes the perfect patio or walkway, lasting for generations, and looking good all the while. Browse our selection of pavers below and create your own backyard oasis!


Producing the finest quality brick pavers since 1902, Summit Brick’s are among the best of the best. Their wide range of colors and custom blends are sure to match whatever style you are looking for.


One of the largest clay product importers in the United States, ClayMex Brick is one of the most reliable suppliers in the business.  Their selection of brick pavers are catered to match or compliment their face brick, making the best option for any home wrapped in ClayMex.