Masonry Materials

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We carry most everything you might need for a masonry project of any size.

From sand to sealers and cleaners, we strive to provide high-quality products to accompany our high-quality materials. We select only the best, with no exceptions, because your satisfaction is our most important concern and we won’t settle for inferior products to save a few bucks.

Masonry Mortar

The most important component of any masonry project, you need to trust your masonry mortar is held to the highest standards. Our hand-selected, mason and builder approved selection is some of the best around. Our brands are held to the highest of standards because that is what you deserve.

We continually stock both Tex-Gray and Tex-White Masonry Cements

Masonry Sand

Our sand is locally sourced and meant to be used in all masonry projects, providing the structure to any masonry cement you choose. Our sand blends well for a smooth even texture on your mortar joints.

Masonry Sand

Address Blocks

Cast-Stone products add a sophistication to your home that the ole’ plastic numbers just can’t reach. We offer two sizes of address blocks, a small one with just the house number or a large one with both your house number and street name.

Sealers & Cleaners

Although you won’t typically need a sealer or cleaner, we still feel it is necessary to carry only the best. Our sealers and cleaners are hand-selected and recommended by the masons we see everyday, ensuring they get the job done, and done right.