Timeless Style

The utility of flagstone is undeniable, as is its beauty. Use it for a walkway, or to finish that fire pit, you decide.

The beauty of this thin stone is unbelievable, it can be used in almost any project, from refreshing a boring concrete patio to creating an outdoor oasis. Using these stones creates a hand-made feel that is timeless and authentic. We highly suggest seeing what we have in stock to pick your perfect color!

Cherokee Multi Flagstone

Cherokee Multi

Typically the smoothest flagstone of our selection, Cherokee Multi has a diverse range of colors. The light oranges mix well with the sparse splashes of blue on the overly sandy backdrop. This stone works well with virtually any color brick or stone.


The darker of the Oklahoma flagstones, Hickory’s dark appearance can be accentuated with browns and blues, leading to a very contrasting texture. This pairs well with the rougher texture present on the surface, and can make any patio feel hand made.

Hickory Flagstone
Silvermist Flagstone


The dark blue of this stone blends extremely well with grays and whites, lending a more modern “cool” appearance. The color range of this stone is impressive, from dark blues to light gray, almost brown splashes.