As Beautiful as it is Unique

Our Family’s creation, blending the beauty of stone with the modularity of brick.

Your home is an extension of you, your style, your passion. Brick and stone have plenty of variation, plenty of choice, but sometimes you want something different, something only a select few have. Designed by our family to blend the looks of brick and stone together to make the perfect medium, ClayStone Brick products are the pinnacle of style. Learn more below and find the perfect color for your home.


A product designed by industry masters, revolutionary ClayStone brick is the definition of unique. Styled to mimic the appearance of both brick and stone, it conveys a sense of old-world artistry, forsaking the predictable lines for more random beauty. Its naturalistic look tricks the eye into seeing a chopped stone, while its modularity lends a more modern feel. You have to see it to believe it.


Although it may be simpler than ClayStone physically, BrickStone is no less beautiful. With a more modernized look, this style fits with virtually all stone styles, from sawn to random, and still catches the eye with its noticeable patterning. This is the perfect option for those with a more modern taste, but still want that sense of awe and wonder that ClayStone provides.