Natural Stone

Bask in Nature's Beauty

Natural Stone is extracted from the earth, allowing you to pull the beauty of nature to your home.

Your home is your castle, so build it with the right stuff. A Natural Stone can help your home stand out, lending it some of nature’s undeniable beauty. Browse some of our most popular stone below and pick the one that fits your style. Be sure to visit our showroom, as we have much, much more stone to show you!

We are working on creating a Natural Stone portfolio, similar to our Brick portfolios, to help you with your decision.


The classic Texas stone, this stone ranges in color from white to rust and even light blues (pictures coming soon). The versatility of this stone is limitless, combining well with virtually any brick color. Pair it with a gray mortar for a pop of contrast.


A truly unique stone, Granbury has extreme color range, from blues to golds, and even has tiny fossils in some stones, making this the definition of naturalistic. Be sure to check out our showroom, where we have samples of some of the newly found color ranges!


A classic grey stone, Lueders is one of the most common choices for grey, and for good reason. Its color range is impressive, from light grey to almost pitch black. This family of stone is sure to have a color that matches your style.


The almost de facto choice for rustic homes, Oklahoma stone has such impressive range that is matches absolutely any style. From modern cool blues to rustic browns, this family of stone is a work of art, one that you can cover your home in. 


Specializing in blended stone, Rock-It Natural Stone is revolutionizing the stone industry. Their eye-catching blends incorporate the best colors of the Oklahoma stone family to make every single home built with their stone as beautiful as the last.


Sometimes, you just can’t get what you want from a single family of stone. Why not blend them? We can help you find the perfect blend for the style you are looking for. See some of our more popular blends and get inspired.