The Dependable Choice

Brick has been around for millennia, and for good reason. Strength, Durability, and Style, what else is needed?


Designed to be more appealing than plain ‘ole commercial brick, residential is available in an almost endless selection of colors, styles, and finishes. We are proud to carry some of the best around and all of our selection is backed by a 100-year manufacturer warranty!


Designed with strict tolerances and strength values, commercial modulars are almost required for any commercial building. We are happy to provide some of the best in Texas, and plan to slowly build our selection in the coming years!

Thin Brick

Sometimes, full-thickness just won’t work due to size or weight, in those cases, we recommend using thin veneer. Basically the sliced off face, it maintains significantly less weight and a much more manageable profile of less than one inch.

Brick Pavers

Designed to be used solely for flooring applications, pavers are a beautiful and durable choice for any floor, inside or out. Use them for an outdoor patio or as an eye-catching entryway, the possibilities are endlessly exciting.