The Universal Option

Thin Brick removes the restrictions of space and weight, unlocking the potential in your space.

With innovations in manufacturing, it is now possible to brick everything your heart desires. Every single inch of your home, from back splashes to arches, can now share that classic look, bringing it all together. Browse our wide range of readily available colors here and come in to see our special offers on thin brick.

Old Brick Originals

General Shale’s Old Brick Originals allow you to get creative, all while maintaining the true nature of brick. A wide range of old school colors can fit with any theme in your home and catch the eye of any visitor.


You can now bring Mangum’s timeless brick to any part of your home. Every color is now available in thin brick, meaning the options are truly inspirational and stylish. 

To see more examples, view Mangum Brick’s Portfolio!


New Mexico’s premier brick manufacturer produces high quality, old fashioned brick that exudes elegance. With their huge selection available in thin brick, you are sure to find the brick to fit your style.

To view more examples, view Kinney Brick’s Portfolio!


High quality brick, and infinite possibilities are one in the same with ClayMex’s absolutely stunning collection of thin brick. From deep reds, to bright whites, they have every color for every style.

To view more examples, view ClayMex Brick’s Portfolio!