Commercial Brick

The Proven Option

Decades of refinement and centuries of use have made commercial modular brick what they are today.

Designed with commercial buildings in mind, today’s modular brick is stronger than ever, with a renewed interest in style. Their simplistic nature and blending colors allows your building to exceed expectations, visually and technically. Browse our wide selection below and get your building started off on the right foot!


A conglomeration of two of the largest brick manufacturer’s in the Southern United States, Meridian Brick has been producing high-quality brick for over a century. Their simple yet robust colors are visible in thousands of buildings, and for good reason.


While they may be new to Texas, Triangle Brick is a leading brick manufacturer in the United States. Their innovations, from packaging to visualizations, have led to their recognition as a force to be reckoned with. High-quality, good looking brick, what’s not to like?


New Mexico’s premier brick manufacturer produces high quality, old fashioned brick that exudes elegance. Their commercial brick products are some of the highest-quality available in the United States, with their coloration being some of the most eye-catching around.